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Knowledge not Shared is Worthless

Knowledge not Shared is Worthless

Knowledge attains value only when it is put to use. And there are countless ways to put knowledge to use. We use it to develop new products and technologies or to...

Igor Likar, Managing Director


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Explosion protection

Transfer of Knowledge on Explosion Protection

Author: Dr. Zdravko Kramar

Explosions do not happen often, but the consequences can be devastating. One explosion can cause many fatalities, an ecological disaster, and the company's collapse. We transfer the knowledge on explosion prevention when reviewing planned and performed explosion protection measures, e.g. in the facilities of the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and wood industry, as well as in petrol stations, gas stations, chemical, fuel, and grain warehouses, and at SIQ seminars on explosion protection,...

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trusted the task of training their employees in a closed group to SIQ Ljubljana in 2017.



chose one of many open-group training programs, performed by SIQ, for their employees in 2017.


We Train Measuring Equipment Users

Author: Matjaž Lindič, MSc.

In the field of metrology, we pay a lot of attention to the training of measuring equipment users. The laboratory staff has a lot of professional knowledge that they are...


Competence in the Automobile Industry

Author: Tanja Benček

The requirements for a high level of quality and especially safety has always been key in the automobile industry, that is why the staff responsible for the quality and...

Safety and electromagnetics

Transfer of International Training Practices

Author: Gregor Schoss

SIQ is very much involved in international professional collaborations. We are aware that an exchange of the best practices and knowledge with individuals and similar foreign institutions can bring us even more acclaim. Internationlization is an important factor in creating new opportunities. At SIQ, this also applies to the activities of testing the security of products and their electromagnetic conformity. Professional collaborations and the deepening of our professional knowledge, encouraging...

Gaming technologies

Testing or also Transferring Knowledge?

Author: Zoran Svetik

We review gaming technologies and information technology safety within the field of gaming technologies. The common denominator is the evaluation of the product, the...

Management systems
We Attended the International Conference in Russia

We Attended the International Conference in Russia

Author: SIQ
Safety and electromagnetics

Seminars and Workshops within the EMC Field

Author: Marjan Mak

SIQ's mission is to assess and transfer knowledge and experience as a way of contributing to the development of society that shall be based on knowledge, products,...

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is the number of obtained jurisdictions around the world and where SIQ is registered as a test laboratory for the gaming technology. 106 of these are jurisdictions for operating physical games of chance and 21 are jurisdictions for operating online games of chance.

Management systems

We are Dedicated to Continuous Training

Author: Miloš Seražin

The quality of performing a management system assessment depends on the integrity of the auditor, their professionalism, independence, and diligence. To be able to meet the expectation of the client, usually heads of organizations, the auditor must know the assessment criteria very well in order to objectivelly evaluate the assessment proof. Therefore, we expect the auditor to be knowledgeable of the activity which they asses, meaning that they have an education in it or have working experience....

Professional Meeting of Auditors

Professional Meeting of Auditors

Author: SIQ
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10.000 AND MORE

management system auditors have been trained with the help of our courses.



repeated courses for internal auditors of management systems.